Submissions can be made in two categories: regular research papers and system descriptions.

Submissions of research papers must present original research which is unpublished and not submitted elsewhere. They must not exceed 15 pages (including figures and bibliography). Submissions of research papers will be judged on originality, significance, correctness, and readability.

Submission of system descriptions must describe a working system which has not been published or submitted elsewhere. They must not exceed 10 pages and should contain a link to a working system. System descriptions will be judged on originality, significance, usefulness, and readability.

Proofs of theoretical results that do not fit within the page limit, executables of systems, code of case studies, benchmarks used to evaluate a given system, should be made available, via a reference to a website or in an appendix of the paper. Reviewers will be encouraged to consider this additional material, but are not obliged to. Submissions must be self-contained within the respective page limit; considering the additional material should not be necessary to assess the merits of a submission.

Submissions must be formatted using the LIPIcs style files using the instructions at: LIPIcs style files.

A condition of submission is that, if accepted, one of the authors must attend the conference to give the presentation.

Papers should be submitted via easychair. The submission site is at