Social Events

Reception 2016-06-22

On the evening of the 22nd of June, the participants will be welcomed to FSCD and Porto in a reception taking place at the University Rectory building, located in the historic center of the city. This beautiful building was home to the Faculty of Science for several decades. 

Saint John 2016-06-23

FSCD will take place during the Saint John festivities, which is a very special time of the year in Porto. In particular, on the night of the 23rd the city is filled with activities on the streets, and at midnight there is a magnificent display of fireworks in the river near  the historic centre (classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site). 

Excursion/Banquet 2016-06-24

On the afternoon of the 24th of June, the participants will be invited to cross to the other side of Douro river and visit the lovely riverside of Gaia, where most of the Port wine cellars are located. It is from this point that you have the most beautiful sights of Porto. There will be a guided tour to one of the biggest cellars (Taylor's), ending at the Barão Fladgate restaurant were aperitifs and drinks will be served prior to the conference banquet, which will be server at Barão Fladgate restaurant. The view of Porto from the terrace of Taylor's restaurant is magnificent, so we advise participants to take a camera.